write specifications

Know what you like, but don’t have the time to write the nitty gritty specifications? Curate can help! Send us your inspiration board and your floorplan. If you have an approved budget, we can work with that. Alternatively, we can put together good, better, best budgets based on your space plan the same day!

Once we have an approved all in budget, we can help write the specifications!

Hey Curate Team- 

Take a look at our desired feel, and the space plan. Can you send options?



Then, Curate sends back options that could work with your desired aesthetic, budget, and space plan.

Send us back the option that you like!

We’ll build specs to ensure they work within your approved budget! After writing specifications they can be sent out to bid. Specs will be tight and pricing will be transparent. Thus, multiple rounds of back and forth will decrease dramatically once the RFP is awarded.

This is GREAT! So does this mean you can make initial client budgets as well?

client budgets