Space can’t truly feel complete without a hint of “jush” – What’s “jush”? Those final touches. The Joanna Gaines late night karate chops and angles picture frames just so. What do we mean? Where do you want to work…



So, now that we are on the same page, let’s talk process.

style opts.jpg

Then, we start looking at different budgets to achieve the look!

gbb accessories.jpg

This will be paired with a “Good”, “Better”, “Best” budget.

Lobby Accessories Budget

Once a look and loose budget is approved, Curate will start creating vignettes and dialed in vignettes.


We don’t stop there! Accessories need to be installed. Curate will help you team through the installation process with field guidance, physical placement, and installation packages.

Installation Package

Then… the JUSH

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